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Letter: Trump has turned the economy around

Don Haskell re the economy

Published on July 3, 2018 8:52AM

For years, Congress and presidents used America’s tax laws and taxpayer dollars to improve the economies of foreign countries. That caused a growth of international corporations, and led to more wealthy people around the world.

But all that new wealth didn’t help average Americans. In fact, just the opposite happened. Remember President Obama’s “new normal” approach, when he couldn’t improve our depressed economy? Remember how he told us in 2010 to get used to “long-term” lower economic growth and high unemployment?

And yet President Trump turned the economy around in just months. And how he did it isn’t at all complicated. For starters, President Trump told the country he believed a president’s first duty is to America and the Constitution — not the world. And that belief was welcomed by Americans who hadn’t heard a president say those words for years.

Oddly enough, that belief also helped make President Trump an outsider to the Washington establishment, including most of today’s extremely liberal journalists and TV pundits.

For years, the Washington establishment had ignored hardworking, ordinary Americans. Trade policies greatly favored foreigners over Americans, and our manufacturing facilities were allowed to go to pot. By the time 2016 rolled around, those situations were seen as massive political blunders by the Washington establishment.

Democratic Party activists still continue to express bitterness about the election. Meanwhile, President Trump’s common-sense economics and tax reform is quickly fixing past screw-ups by career politicians.

Don Haskell



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