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Letter: Trump leading us to a very dark place

Eric Halperin re foreign policy

Published on July 3, 2018 8:52AM

Regarding the letter to the editor “Trump’s foreign policy strategy is different” (The Daily Astorian, June 15), the writer is complimentary of President Donald Trump’s interaction with North Korea, and Trump’s setting tariffs on our trading partners. He likened Trump to a knowing father dealing with an errant son.

In fact, Trump slathered endless praise on a brutal dictator who kills or imprisons his political enemies, and impoverishes his people. Trump is envious of the Supreme Leader’s iron grip on his nation, and by his words and actions, Trump acknowledges dictators around the world as worthy of praise and emulation.

At the very same time, just days before meeting with North Korea, Trump was trashing America’s relationship with our closest allies and trading partners at the G-7 meeting of democratic nations. His primary focus there was to insist on the presence of another dictator, his idol, Vladimir Putin.

He heaps praise on the brutal North Korean dictator, and insults and starts a trade war with the Canadian prime minister? Republicans, I implore you to wake up to what is going on with the person you elected to the presidency. He is leading us to a very dark place. Don’t think it can’t happen here. It has already begun.

Eric Halperin



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