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Letter: Children should not be bargaining chips

Bebe Michel re immigrant children

Published on July 4, 2018 9:18AM

So, how are you all doing? Are you sleeping well at night? Or do the cries of children, inconsolable after being separated from their parents, keep you up at night too? Or knowing that siblings are not allowed to touch each other and comfort each other. Or knowing that parents have no idea where their children are, or when they will see them again?

President Donald Trump’s executive order doesn’t call for, or have a plan for, reuniting the 2,000-plus children already separated. Children should not be political bargaining chips. The order doesn’t step back from criminalizing the misdemeanor act of crossing the border.

Imagine having all your meager belongings stripped away from you and, horror of horrors, having your children torn away from you for what amounts to a misdemeanor parking violation. This is what is being done in your name. Traumatizing innocent children does not make America Great Again, now or ever. America must be better than this. It’s up to all of us to say no more. Stand up and speak out now.

Bebe Michel



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