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Letter: Need to address climate change is very urgent

Carolyn Eady re forest practices

Published on July 4, 2018 9:18AM

In the guest column “Working forests help Oregon fight climate change” (June 26, The Daily Astorian), the author, Jed Arnold of Hampton Family Forests on the North Coast, recognizes how “climate change could affect forest and community health,” but he does not seem to recognize the urgency of facing the steadily accumulating evidence of how rapidly we are transforming the climate conditions of this planet.

The chairman of the Oregon Global Warming Commission put it very succinctly in the 2017 Biennial Report to the Legislature: “If it is not too late to protect our children from the most severe effects of climate change, it soon will be.” (

He charges that there are proposals that Oregon could meet its carbon reduction goals by halting harvesting in our forests. I personally do not know of any responsible environmentalist who has suggested this drastic step.

Obviously, there will have to be changes in some forest practices — primarily with investment-type loggers, whose only concern is the rate of return on their investment, and who leave the land devastated — but society will always need forests, loggers, mills and wood products.

I wholeheartedly endorse the writer’s final statement: “Let’s work together so our forests can continue to sustainably provide for a multitude of benefits.”

Carolyn Eady



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