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Letter: No common sense left in Congress

Dale Anderson re immigration law

Published on July 4, 2018 9:18AM

There are untruths being told to the people of the U.S. and our neighboring countries by the newsmakers.

As I read the law passed years ago (to stop MS-13 groups coming across the border as a family), those illegally crossing will be separated until they are found to be a family.

Quit blaming the Border Patrol for doing their job, as prescribed by a law that was passed years ago. The way things are now, we will be short of workers who come here legally, with permission from the government. We better elect new people to run the government who want to either change the law, or do what they are doing by upholding present law.

Never have I seen so many obstructionists in elected representatives. It doesn’t seem like there is any common sense left in our Congress. Now I can’t vote in District 1 because of gerrymandering. Now I have to vote with Salem, and the east valley.

Years ago, District 1 included Tillamook County, with Clatsop and Columbia counties. What do I have in common with the valley people? The only reason the lines are the way they are is so the valley has control over all the district, except District 2, which is east of the Cascades.

Dale E. Anderson



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