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Letter: Republicans don’t favor ripping families apart

Stephan Herman re Republicans

Published on July 4, 2018 9:18AM

I was appalled by the letter to the editor that claimed “Many, if not most, Republican voters approve of ripping apart immigrant families and traumatizing their children” (“Cruelty should not be policy,” June 26, The Daily Astorian).

I do not know any Republican who favors that policy. And, the president made an executive order reversing the aforesaid policy. Is this not more than Obama did, when the same condition of child separation prevailed during his presidency?

Further, it is clearly hate speech when, in the same letter, the writer states of Republicans that “… they’re far more of a danger to the U.S. than immigrants on our southern border.”

It is true that the majority of the illegal immigrants are not criminals, but there are also, according to one liberal journalist I heard on the news, quite a few criminals coming across the border. Is being in favor of stopping MS-13 gang members something that makes Republicans dangerous? I have heard too much about their crimes, which include the torture and murder of children, to approve of open borders.

Stephan Herman



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