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Letter: Replace income tax with a sales tax

Alice Chaloux re Oregon taxes

Published on July 10, 2018 9:47AM

In the front-page article, “Oregon most reliant state on state income taxes” (The Daily Astorian, July 3), the Tax Foundation findings are about how dramatically the taxes fluctuate and how they “tend to be more harmful to economic growth than consumption taxes,” ... “and that they are a less stable source of revenue because many people see their income fluctuate with the business cycle.”

I have believed for quite some time now that Oregon should replace the income tax with a sales tax.

1. The sales tax has a much broader base than the income tax.

2. Income tax systems tend to create more of an adversarial relationship between the government and its people than a sales tax.

3. We have quite a tourist industry that uses our infrastructure. Can we be like other states, and tap into that resource?

4. With a sales tax everybody would be vested. It is human nature to care more about something you are vested in.

5. And my favorite part is … sales tax is optional. If you truly are struggling, you probably will not be in the market for a new car or other high-tax items.

6. If we follow the example in most states, food is exempt, and programs to help those in need would continue to be funded.

Alice Chaloux




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