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Letter: Award Oval Office to 2016’s second-place finisher

Carl Dominey re Electoral College

Published on August 28, 2018 9:08AM

I solemnly swear this letter is intended to be bipartisan, written by a political independent and lifelong sports fan.

In the world of sports, which most Americans follow to some degree, if not idolize, when the race winner is proved to have cheated by enhancing their chances of performing better than nature would have dictated, any prize won is awarded to the next finisher.

Let’s be clear. In the Olympic Games, the world’s biggest, brightest stage — and that involves nearly every country on the planet — when the first-prize winner is proven to have won by violating the rules, the gold medal is then awarded to the second-place finisher, no matter how long it takes to prove the cheating. Duh, sort of makes sense.

This is not theory, or “next time.” It has happened repeatedly, and with increasing frequency in Olympic history. Recently, most of one country’s athletes were banned from even participating in the Summer Olympics for breaking the rules. Isn’t it ironic today, that country was Russia.

The Electoral College is, in reality, the opinion of a small number of people, since the delegates can mostly vote however they want, despite the will of the majority of voters. Huh? Legal, but nonsensical.

Maybe it’s time to start applying some sense, and go back and present the Oval Office to the second-place finisher from 2016. That is, if it’s proved that the apparent winner acted illegally.

You might find out who your Congress person is. Just in case.

Carl Dominey



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