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Letter: Vote ‘no’ on new jail and Measure 105

Larry Morgan re Sheriff Tom Bergin

Published on September 6, 2018 9:45AM

The article on Sheriff Tom Bergin, “Clatsop County sheriff takes leading role in sanctuary debate” (The Daily Astorian, Aug. 28), was perfect timing. With big-dollar ballot measures coming up, it’s good to see Sheriff Bergin exposed for who he is.

He picks one bad case in Iowa to make his point, but way more innocent people are murdered annually by police than by illegal immigrants. His statement on how immigrant criminals visit violence and heartbreak on “Americans” says so much about Mr. Bergin’s knowledge and mentality. Using that reasoning — if you are not a citizen of the continental U.S., you are not American — Central and South America don’t count.

Hand over your statistics — did Clatsop County find 20 illegal immigrants, 50, 100, 500 or 1,000 that you were not able to hand over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)? Surely you have the numbers. State those numbers. Give us the facts.

Really interesting to see him checking out the old jail, probably figuring how many dog kennels it would hold to house toddlers ripped from their immigrant parents’ arms and orphaned.

Please join me in voting “no” on Sheriff Bergin’s $20 million Warrenton Taj Mahal (jail). Are the toilets gold-plated? Also vote “no” on Ballot Measure 105. Oregonians should not have to deal on a daily basis with George W. Bush’s storm troopers with their $7.6 billion budget.

Larry Morgan



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