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Letter: Revised hotel design is not progress

Chris Connaway re new hotel

Published on September 10, 2018 8:49AM

Great. I see a new design for the latest cookie-cutter hotel has been advanced. They contend it looks like a cannery. We already have a Cannery Pier Hotel, which venerates our history, hires local contractors, and keeps and spends its money locally; so please don’t patronize us.

What will Astoria get from this proposal? We’ll get an out-of-town developer who reaps millions (maybe he can afford that yacht in the San Juans).

We’ll get some minimum-wage jobs, with no benefits. Outstanding. There should be a ready supply of workers right across the street, as the current motels slowly go out of business. That should yield some derelict property, which every city needs more of.

We can trade river vistas and working waterfront property for out-of-town enrichment: Entrepreneurship at its finest.

Coupled with the existing corporate hotels, we can lose more of our unique identity. Close your eyes, and you can be in Anywhere, America. But you can use your rewards.

Did I mention that we might even earn a new stoplight for us all to enjoy? Now that’s progress.

Chris Connaway



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