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Letter: Ward 1 voters have a great choice

Tess Scheller re Ward 1 city council candidates

Published on September 10, 2018 8:49AM

Recently, I joined dear friends David Drafall and Roger Rocka for some coffee and a chat at the Blue Scorcher Bakery & Cafe. This was their first meeting with an opportunity to sit down and talk. 

Astorians in Ward 1, you are in the enviable position of having two wonderful citizens as candidates to be your City Council representative. I have known these gentlemen for decades as friends and dedicated volunteers. 

What they talked about is up to them to share. I will say that they agreed their campaigns will remain upbeat, issues-oriented, and with no need for any negativity, as they seemed to find respect for each other and considerable agreement about the needs of the citizens right here in river city. 

How refreshing to know you Astorians and your neighbors, like me, will most certainly be well served by a man who has already demonstrated love, care and concern for the vital well-being of this place we all cherish. These guys know the issues, and are solutions-oriented. 

Astoria, you can’t lose. Unless, like playing the lottery, you don’t participate. Please play well with others, and vote this fall. Every vote counts here!

Tessa James Scheller



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