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Letter: Gearhart’s growth should be well thought out

Jack Zimmerman re Gearhart

Published on September 11, 2018 10:16AM

The purpose of this letter is to address certain criticisms directed at my effort to run for Gearhart City Council, Position 1.

Evidently, I have been labeled as an “outsider.” It is true that my lovely wife and I have permanently resided in Gearhart for two years, effective Nov. 2. However we, along with our children, and now their children, have enjoyed Gearhart’s quiet presence for more than 29 years.

We adore Gearhart’s uniqueness and sense of community such that it is my fervent goal, whether elected or not, to actively preserve Gearhart’s culture and its habitat. I would seek, with the help of other council members, to take simple steps to enhance the livability and enjoyment of all residents, giving no regard to special interests.

Finally, I wish to clarify my public statements that I am against growth. I am, in fact, against unchecked growth, which provides opportunity for a few, but at the overall expense of our residents and the environment. We all have seen and experienced biased growth, which exposes the community and its environs to a compromised environment; increased population density, requiring increased services and operating expenses; perhaps taxpayer subsidies; and a platform for additional government spending, hence more taxes.

However, I am in favor of well-thought-out growth, which avoids the aforementioned impediments, and enhances Gearhart’s livability and its existing culture; aids and promotes existing local business health; avoids targeted and unbalanced taxation; and pays its full cost of service, which includes any impact to the environment.

Jack Zimmerman



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