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Letter: President Trump is keeping his promises

Don Haskell re President Trump

Published on September 12, 2018 10:55AM

During his rallies, President Donald Trump baits television pundits and reporters. He knows television folks will always bite, and talk about him all day long.

President Trump uses tweets to get his unedited message out to the public. But hostile press folks aren’t used to being thwarted like that. And, in their panic to manipulate his message, they show their bias.

President Trump talks like most average guys. He isn’t the smooth-talking, say one-thing-and-do-another phony like so many politicians.

President Trump’s comments about sex and women were crude and rightly criticized. But Democratic Party leaders didn’t criticize President Bill Clinton’s actual sexual escapades, even when women claimed Clinton raped them.

President Trump’s vast wealth makes him financially secure. He’s able to ignore big-money pressure Washington politicians face.

President Trump’s making long-needed changes career politicians refused to make. Or, perhaps didn’t know how to make.

President Trump’s an advocate for American workers. Democrats gave up doing that years ago, while claiming they still did.

President Trump exaggerates, which Democrats label as lies. But the House of Representatives impeached President Clinton for committing perjury by lying under oath, and for obstructing justice for telling other folks to lie.

President Trump has extraordinary risk-taking gumption to become a billionaire in the real estate business. To be born in obscurity, and to become a worldwide household name, is a classic American success story.

President Trump’s keeping promises he made when campaigning for votes. And that’s a stunning surprise to just about everybody.

Don Haskell



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