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Letter: Vote Drafall, Miller for Astoria offices

Mary Tanguay Webb re Drafall and Miller

Published on September 12, 2018 10:55AM

We are a fortunate town. Two community activists have come forward to run for office. One, David Drafall, to represent Uniontown Ward 1, and the other, Michael “Sasha” Miller for mayor.

Drafall has been a force in Uniontown for years. He is a member of the Uniontown neighborhood association, active in the Scandinavian Festival, helps maintain the Doughboy Monument and more. His is co-owner of a small business, and an all-round fine fellow.

I found it curious that on the very last day, another candidate with lots of name familiarity and many accolades put his name on the ballot. It’s kosher, but is it nice? Isn’t it time for a little new blood?

Michael “Sasha” Miller has been the voice of real change in these times of homelessness, political division, mental health care and facing the coming Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake. He thinks a lot more must be done.

“How we care for the least among us defines us as a community” was the sign he held on Memorial Day weekend. Miller thinks not enough is done to help those in need. He thinks setting up more of a dialogue with the community might bring forth both more help, understanding and some solutions.

I am voting for David Drafall to represent Ward 1, and for Michael “Sasha” for mayor. I hope you give them consideration.

Mary Tanguay Webb



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