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Letter: Wev will provide creative leadership

Jan Mitchell re Pam Wev

Published on September 12, 2018 10:55AM

Clatsop County is facing some complex challenges which demand creative leadership. That is the primary reason that I am working for the election of Pam Wev for Clatsop County commissioner.

Pam has an incredible 40-year background as a planner and consultant on both coasts. She will use that experience to help tackle the issues of housing for workers, and attracting economic development which improves our county, rather than drawing from it without contributing.

She will bring new approaches to working cooperatively with other governments on emergency preparedness and social service and mental health needs. She cares deeply about this community.

Today, this is a job for someone with real professional skills. Fortunately, we have a candidate who meets those requirements: Pam Wev.

Jan Mitchell



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