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Letter: Protect our most precious and vulnerable citizens

Zetty Nemlowill re Astoria school bond

Published on October 26, 2018 9:13AM

As a mother, I often say a little prayer each day as my children go off to school, that they will be safe. It is terrifying, hearing about the rampant school shootings in our country. There’s an opportunity to protect our schools from this threat, and I’m all for it. Please, join me in voting yes for the Astoria school bond.

As a city councilor, I realize there’s not much the city of Astoria can do to make schools more safe. The city has the best police force on the planet, and they are trained to respond to mass shootings, but how could we, as a community, ever let it come to this? We must do everything in our power to protect our most precious and vulnerable citizens, our children.

There is a lot the Astoria School District could do to make our schools secure by creating secure entrances. This will take a significant investment, and it can only be done with money from a voter-approved bond.

We don’t have to sit back and be victims as the national debate continues over gun reform. We can take action right here, right now, in our town, to keep our kids safe by voting “yes” on the Astoria School District bond.

Zetty Nemlowill



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