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Letter: Vote ‘yes’ for Astoria school bond

Nikayla Lippy re Astoria school bone

Published on October 29, 2018 8:46AM

Since my first day of school, 13 years ago, I have looked up to my teachers. Admiring with eager eyes, and imagining myself one day being just like them. I still look at my teachers with awe, but now that I’m older, I realize that their life isn’t as magical as my 5-year-old self would like to believe. They don’t, in fact, live in their classrooms, and are actually facing an ever-increasing risk of being put in danger.

I never thought of school as being a dangerous place until recently, but I feel as though I’m constantly hearing about school shootings or threats that have been put against schools, including Astoria High School.

Now I go to school with a sense of fear that I will become part of one of the next tragic news stories. I fear that one of the lockdown drills will not be a drill, something I don’t think children should ever experience in the place that they go to learn.

The Astoria School Bond is now addressing the fact that the schools are not as safe as they should be. I hope the community votes “yes” to Astoria kids, for the approximately 2,000 kids who don’t have a voice in this election.

One day I hope that I can pursue my dream of teaching, and that it is in a safe environment that holds the same magic I saw 13 years ago.

Nikayla Lippy



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