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Letter: ‘Yes’ for Astoria schools

Linda Brech re Astoria school bond

Published on October 30, 2018 8:17AM

It is my privilege to be the principal at Astoria Middle School. I have a very dedicated staff who work very hard. One area that helps promote student learning is the facility and environment that students learn in and teachers teach in.

The middle school classroom wing has sixteen classrooms and only six have windows that go to the outside. The six classrooms that have an exterior window in them have only one small window in a triangular-shaped classroom. The lack of natural daylight does impact learning and well-being for our students.

Unfortunately, we read, hear, and are exposed to news about school violence throughout our country. That is the reality of the age we are educating our students in. Astoria School District needs to assure that we have facilities that are safe. In particular, the district needs to monitor and control entry and exits, as well as provide security cameras and door lock systems that assure our students are safe and secure while at school.

There are numerous other projects on the bond list at other schools. The average age of our schools is 63 years. We are working to maintain and care for what we have, but much of it is simply worn out. It is time to update our facility so we can serve our community, our children and, our families for an additional 50 years.

Please vote “yes” for the school bond.

Linda Brech

Principal, Astoria Middle School


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