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Letter: Astoria school facilities need updates

Kegan Rascoe re Astoria school bond

Published on October 31, 2018 8:29AM

The Astoria School District is in need. As a student, I have had the opportunity to attend school in each one of the facilities in the district. I know firsthand that our facilities need to be updated.

In middle school, I attended class in rooms with cracks across the floor; these same rooms lacked any natural light. In my time in high school, I have found that our school lacks some of the necessary facility improvements that could protect us in the event of a shooting incident.

In my freshman year, our school was threatened with violence by a community member. This event called attention to the fact that Astoria High School has over 70 external exits in over 40 different locations.

The school district has no automatic door locking system and is in need of updated camera and sound systems. Measure 4-197 funds all of these things. This bond would also fund the expansion of the student’s education.

The measure would build and update classrooms that would expand our music, science, technical learning, art and agricultural programs. Our auditorium would be upgraded, supporting all students and community groups who wish to use it.

Kegan Rascoe



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