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Letter: ‘Yes’ for Astoria kids

Julie Niemi re Astoria school bond

Published on November 1, 2018 12:01AM

I have been an educational assistant at Astoria Middle School for the past six years. I support the Astoria school bond. I work in all the classrooms in the area they call the “diamond,” where the classrooms only have a small window, if any. The majority of the rooms don’t have a window to the outside. This can be a very difficult environment in which to learn for students and in which to work for staff.

In addition to limited windows, our building does not have reliable heating or cooling. In the winter months, the building temperature is often below 60 degrees in the halls. Yet, in the early fall and late spring, the classroom temperature is nearly 90 degrees. Our students and staff deserve to work and learn in buildings where the boilers work, or at least they can be repaired when needed.

The building looks worn out. There are classrooms and hallways where the floors are not connected to the wall, and doors won’t close.

The Astoria School District needs to assure that we have facilities that are safe. In particular, the district needs to monitor and control entry and exits, as well as provide security cameras and door lock systems that assure our students are safe and secure at school.

The Astoria community has a very important decision to make about the future of our education within our school district. Our children are our responsibility and our future. Please vote “yes” for Astoria kids.

Julie Niemi



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