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Letter: Mitchell for state rep

Kathleen Zunkel re Tiffiny Mitchell

Published on November 2, 2018 8:51AM

After 72 hours of pipe bombs and murderous carnage, the bile shot right back up my gullet Sunday evening when the latest Vineeta Lower (Republican candidate for House District 32) attack ad aired on my TV.

This ad begins with grainy footage of street violence perpetrated by scary masked marauders and then, boom, a photo of Tiffiny Mitchell (Democrat candidate for House District 32), wearing an Indivisible T-shirt, flashes on screen with a huge “them” plastered across her image. Well, I guess I am one of “them.”

I canvassed for Tiffiny because I know her personally, and I know how committed she is to solving vital issues like health care, education, housing and the environment. Tiffiny has spent countless hours going door-to-door, talking with the people about what matters to them, and, unlike Vineeta, participated in candidate debates to answer the hard questions of potential constituents.

Tiffiny even gave canvassers her cell phone number so folks could personally call her with questions or comments. So, Vineeta, as you twirl slow-mo and barefoot on a Seaside beach and revel in your proclaimed glory of being the divisive “us” and labeling people like Tiffiny and me as one of “them,” I ask you: How much “Lower” can you go?

Kathleen Stratton Zunkel



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