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Letter: Risley has served Cannon Beach well

Molly Edison re Robin Risley

Published on November 2, 2018 8:51AM

I am writing this to give my full support to Robin Risley for Cannon Beach City Council. I have known Robin for 30 or more years.

She has served our community well with the many jobs she has done. Because Robin has lived, worked and enjoyed Cannon Beach’s special ambiance for many years, she understands the fierce love the local residents have for their village.

Robin also knows that we must protect as much as we can of the village feeling, even though we have now become a destination resort, unfortunately. The advertising of Cannon Beach all over the world was overkill, in my mind. I have traveled in many parts of the world, and whenever I mention Cannon Beach the response is, “That’s where Haystack Rock is.”

Please vote for Robin. I am confident that we will not have paid parking meters or high-rise apartments, and will still retain the village feeling.

Molly Edison

Cannon Beach


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