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Letter: Vote ‘yes’ for Warrenton kids

Nancy Kennell re Warrenton school bond

Published on November 2, 2018 8:51AM

Passing the Warrenton school bond is absolutely crucial. Can we put a value on our children’s safety? The proposed property for the new middle school would be out of the tsunami zone. It would provide a safe shelter for all children and community members, if needed.

Overcrowding at the grade school is a major concern. In 1980, I was one of the first teachers to teach in this beautiful new building. Back than there were approximately 500 students. Now there are 800 students, and a trailer parked out back to accommodate this growth. Due to the fact that I’ve taught long-term assignments for the past five years at the grade school, I can confirm that every six-inch square possible has been cleverly utilized.

I do miss the library and the theater pit. There were so many awesome performances and presentations like “Nate the Great” from the Columbia River Maritime Museum. Now the “pit” is the library, and the library is a multipurpose venue for grades K-2 physical education. This space is inadequate for PE, as it’s necessary to modify and adjust the curriculum to the venue.

What’s absolutely not acceptable is the lack of restrooms. All levels (K-8) of students must utilize and share the indoor facilities. There’s no water in the trailer park classrooms. Teachers literally carry buckets of water to be able to do art projects.

Please help our children to be safe and have a quality venue to enhance their education. Vote “yes” for Warrenton kids.

Nancy Kennell



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