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Letter: Water most important issue in Gearhart

Harold Gable re Kerry Smith

Published on November 2, 2018 8:51AM

Last changed on November 5, 2018 8:58AM

In Kerry Smith’s letter (“Representing constituents in Gearhart,” The Daily Astorian, Oct. 26), he stated important characteristics to him: strong core values, representing constituents, and creating solutions for Gearhart; “Honesty. Above all, this is the most important to me.” Read below and remember these statements.

I was a strong supporter of Kerry for City Council four years ago. We sat on my deck to talk about issues concerning him. He was offered coffee or tea. He said no. Unsure, we used filtered water. He requested an unopened bottle of water, which he was given.

He explained why. He had distilled down five gallons of Gearhart water drawn from his kitchen faucet. His result, a fair amount of black sludge. He then stated that while living in Alaska, he worked in a water treatment facility. He and his wife did not drink or cook with Gearhart water because it was unhealthy and unsafe; correcting this problem was a main goal if elected to City Council.

Four years later, and my endeavor to find even a mention by Kerry regarding the quality of Gearhart’s water turned up nothing. Why has he not used his expertise to correct this problem? Do Kerry and his wife now drink/cook with Gearhart water?

My wife and I certainly can’t, because of its chemical odor/taste and brown color on certain days. We feel the issue of safe, healthy water to drink is more important than invasive species, short-term rentals and the comprehensive plan.




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