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Letter: ‘Yes’ on Measure 102

Lianne Thompson re Measure 102

Published on November 2, 2018 8:51AM

As a Clatsop County commissioner, I see the negative impacts of the housing crisis every day. Hardworking families are struggling to keep a roof over their heads, students are forced to change schools, and many are experiencing homelessness for the first time in their lives.

During my time co-chairing the Housing Subcommittee for the Association of Oregon Counties, I worked closely with commissioners around the state. From urban to rural, counties across Oregon are experiencing this same crunch. There’s simply not enough safe, stable housing that people can afford.

The good news is there’s a measure on our ballot that can make a difference. Measure 102 is a straightforward fix that will strengthen the ability of local governments, nonprofits and private organizations to work together to address the housing crisis.

The measure will allow funds raised through affordable housing bonds to be used alongside private and nonprofit resources and expertise. The Oregon Legislature referred this measure to the ballot with bipartisan support and, with no cost to voters, this measure is just common sense.

The passage of Measure 102 will also put in place an oversight framework, to ensure that each project is run responsibly. Just as I am passionate about affordable housing, I am devoted to fiscal prudence and ethical conduct. If we ever pass a bond for affordable housing in the future, Measure 102 will protect your taxpayer dollars and make sure they’re going as far as possible.

Lianne Thompson

Arch Cape


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