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Letter: Examine the truth about evolutionary theory

Carl Yates re scientific inquiry

Published on November 13, 2018 9:49AM

In 1970, when called up by my country, I fought against the Communists. How ironic that this same mentality, which subjugated a couple of billion people in Asia and Europe, would dominate much thought in America today. No, we’re not communists, yet. I’m not saying that, but we are beginning to act the way they do in many situations.

For instance, the Left in this nation does our whole country a huge disservice when it silences free speech and free scientific inquiry. Students here are not allowed the privilege of examining the truth about origins. Teachers and students are effectively brainwashed by humanistic ideology, or threatened by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) into an inability to truly examine science, if it conflicts with the state’s interest.

Just a simple look into the fact that there are many misleading and erroneous statements in evolutionary theory is prohibited by those in power. Propositions like punctuated equilibrium, which opposes the neo-Darwinism position, irreducible complexity at the cellular level, transitional forms, coal formation, and radiometric dating methods could all, and should have, the light of truth thrown on them. But at last, to do so would remove one of the false legs the Leftist use to silence wisdom.

Carl Yates



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