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Letter: The Golden Rule

Troy Haskell re Golden Rule

Published on November 13, 2018 9:49AM

Here are three easy ways to practice the Golden Rule, which starts with self respect.

The first one, I think, is super easy. While driving anywhere, at any time, stop safely for that person wanting to cross the street. It really only takes a moment, most of the time.

After shopping anywhere you might use a cart, and have loaded your goodies into your vehicle, put that cart into the provided spot, and don’t leave it for another to put back for you. It is not a job creator. It is a safety issue.

The third does take a little effort. While walking anywhere, at any time, take the few extra steps to pick up that piece of trash you almost step over, and put it into a garbage can.

These seemingly simple actions will help you have a better day for yourself. If you are not doing these sorts of things, are you not then a piece of a good society’s problems?

Troy Haskell



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