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Letter: And the rain comes

Norm Hooge re rainy season

Published on November 15, 2018 8:09AM

In Astoria we have had such a beautiful summer. I thought it was great — maybe never stopping. Now all of a sudden I get a shock, and the rain comes.

I believe it rained lightly about three times during the summer, and the rest was sun and a little fog. The days warmed up and the hearty people of the coast wore short-sleeved clothing. I also see this clothing when it’s really cold.

The rain is sneaky. It comes and goes, but can stay for days. You get used to it, and live with it. If you have problems with the rain, and the often accompanying cold, there are other beautiful places in Oregon where it’s dryer, but can be colder.

I like the rain and approaching winter months. To me the dark, wet days offer a new excitement of living. When I lived in the South we had around six months of heat and varying degrees (many times over 100) along with the humidity. I will take my spot here any day.

When the rain and cold comes, it seems that typical outer garment is the raincoat and hood. I like my coat and umbrella. That’s for the heavy weather. For light rain and short distances, I just go.

The rain will come, and there will be cold and dark days. This will be the challenge and the fun of living here. It can be a good life to enjoy.

Norm Hooge



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