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Letter: Giving thanks

Dane Jaconetti thank you letter

Published on November 15, 2018 8:09AM

This Thanksgiving, I thank the physical therapy staff at the Columbia Memorial Hospital Pavilion. Without them, I would not be swimming, walking without a limp, nor doing household chores. Any hospital has its drawbacks, especially on the coast, but CMH’s shining star is their Physical Therapy Clinic’s administrators and therapists.

I’ve served our nation honorably in both the Navy and the Marine Corps during the Vietnam conflict and Desert Storm, spied on the Soviets, and benefited from travel all over the northern hemisphere. Time off was as good as the rest was bad.

The worst was a radiation experiment the Navy conducted on us on board the submarine Skipjack. But there were accidents at sea, in the air and in port, as well. All you loggers, fishermen, farmers, those who work in industry and transportation know, we’re all vulnerable and some injuries may not leave one whole, ever. So we make the best of the hand we’re dealt.

Well thanks to CMH Pavilion staff, I’ve had access to the Veterans Affairs Veteran’s Choice program, and physical therapy that now allows me to walk, drive my car, get in and out of a car seat or theater seat, watch a movie, swim, shoot, exercise on some machines, grocery shop, and best of all — sleep straight through the night.

So my thanks goes out to the CMH Pavilion staff: Physical therapists Nathan Nagy, Joshua Rogers, Katherine Kahl, Virginia Shaw; Julia Bangs (patient access); PT administrators Melissa Paterson, Haley Jump and Claudine Rivera for most excellent service, above and beyond their job descriptions.

Dane Jaconetti



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