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Letter: Confused, disappointed by Pro-Con choice

Julie Snyder re Pro-Con topic Pelosi

Published on November 21, 2018 12:01AM

I enjoy a good debate, and welcomed The Daily Astorian’s addition of a Pro-Con feature. It’s good to examine two sides of an idea, good not to take your own views as gospel truth. But I was confused and disappointed by the Nov. 16 feature, “Pro-Con: Should the Democrats retain Pelosi as speaker of the House?

An informing issue for that debate would have been whether House Democrats should retain Nancy Pelosi, a centrist Democrat, as speaker of the House, or push for a new, more left-leaning progressive to lead them. Instead, we were presented with a “pro” for Pelosi, set against a rant against her, with no suggestion of an alternative, written by the executive editor of The Heartland Institute, a conservative, libertarian think tank.

The Democrats have taken back the House. Who they choose to lead them is of no concern of Republicans, unless, of course, those Republicans are trying to undermine the process.

Hopefully, the next issue of Pro-Con will focus on a more instructive pro and con.

Julie Snyder



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