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Living the Homebuyer's Dream

Published on September 30, 2017 12:01AM

Last changed on October 2, 2017 4:26AM

You’re ready to start thinking about buying a house. You have all of the paperwork ready and are anxious to sit down and get started on the road to home ownership. You’re cruising along, providing whatever your financing team requests. The process seems to be going great. You feel like you did when you were on your honeymoon — everything was fantastic, the world was your oyster, you felt you could take on anything.

Suddenly, the honeymoon ended and life started. That’s kind of the way buying a house can be. While you think you’re prepared for the long haul, you realize that buying a house, like coming back from your honeymoon, can be different in reality than it is in your dreams.

In your dreams, getting through the home loan process is quick and easy. In reality, some people find purchasing a home to be time consuming, overwhelming and exhausting… but it doesn’t need to be that way. You are about to make the largest purchase you will ever make, and doing it right means making sure all of those I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.

Central Willamette works hard to act as the liaison between the homebuyer, the underwriters, the real estate agents, and other important parties to the transaction so you don’t have to.

While there is no longer such a thing as a “gentlemen’s agreement” when it comes to purchasing a home, Central Willamette gives you the personal attention that creates the trust you want to have in your lending institution. The service your lender offers can make the difference between an okay experience and a wonderful experience, and they should handle those aspects of your loan that may leave you scratching your head. Your Central Willamette team is here to serve you and you can talk with a real estate team member about your loan before, during and after the process.

“Why would you talk to someone on the phone about your mortgage when you can talk with a real, local advocate in person?” asked Yadyrah Haro-Gonzalez, one of Central Willamette’s real estate loan officers.

Rebecca Tolentino, Assistant Vice President of Real Estate and Business Services, agrees. She encourages potential home buyers to either call or stop by their real estate department to ask questions and have a conversation “We want people to feel comfortable with the process before applying for a loan so they have peace of mind when taking the plunge.” And, if the Central Willamette team doesn’t readily know the answer, they will do the research to find it!

When purchasing a home, it is important to have a realistic timeline in place. Currently, the estimated time frame is 45-60 days once you have an accepted offer. “We do everything we can to have all conditions met by the closing date, if not before. Sometimes there can be hiccups but we work through them as quickly as possible,” loan officer Susie Plowhead added.

Tolentino believes that working with a buyer on a home loan can be similar to a marriage: “Communication, trust, honesty, and a level of give and take are needed on both sides,” she says.

Once the Central Willamette team knows your home buying wants and needs they can work with you to determine the best options and guide you happily down the path to home ownership.

Thanks to the team, home buyers who get their loan through Central Willamette have a built-in network of advocates who do their best to help them understand the process and make the necessary decisions when taking the giant leap into home ownership.

You can contact the Central Willamette real estate team at 1.800.950.4536 ext. 4724 or 1.541.704.4724 or to start the process today.


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