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Obituary: John P. L. Thorslev

Published on July 9, 2018 8:25AM

John Thorslev

John Thorslev


Jan. 23, 1932 — June 25, 2018

John P. L. Thorslev died peacefully at his home June 25, 2018, in Astoria, Oregon. He was surrounded by his family after a long struggle with lung cancer.

He is survived by his wife, Maria Thorslev, and her daughter, Margaret Logue, of Walnut Creek, California; his children, Severin P. L. Thorslev of Munds Park, Arizona, Kirsten M. Thorslev of Astoria, Oregon, Leif E. Thorslev and Terrie Thorslev of Napa, California, and Ingrid M. Boettcher and Gary Boettcher of Svensen, Oregon; grandchildren, Marlaina A. L. Thorslev of Munds Park, Arizona, Meisha L. Boettcher of Mist, Oregon, Malachi I. Boettcher of Svensen, Oregon, and Michelle Kahlulu; and one great-grandchild, Malika Kahlulu of Napa, California.

A special thank you for the care from Lower Columbia Hospice — Lucinda, and all others who came in time of need, John’s buddies from AA (you know who you are) … and, of course, “John’s Pit Crew,” Maria, Margaret, Liz and his two sons, Severin and Leif.

If you feel led to donate in John’s name, he would like it to go to Grace Episcopal Church in Astoria, Oregon.


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