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Gooooolf! Footgolf blends soccer and golf

Lewis and Clark has first course on the coast
By Kaelia Neal

The Daily Astorian

Published on August 14, 2017 12:01AM

Footgolf mixes soccer and golf.

Kaelia Neal/The Daily Astorian

Footgolf mixes soccer and golf.

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Lewis and Clark Golf and RV Park has the first footgolf course on the Oregon Coast.

Kaelia Neal/The Daily Astorian

Lewis and Clark Golf and RV Park has the first footgolf course on the Oregon Coast.

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The Lewis and Clark Golf and RV Park has opened the first footgolf course on the Oregon Coast, one of nine American FootGolf League courses in Oregon.

“Everybody we tell about it is excited about it,” said Richard Lee, who owns the park.

A mix of soccer and golf, Lee said footgolf is a very social sport. “We have families where parents play golf and kids play footgolf at the same time,” he said.

A family traveling from Seattle decided to try a game and liked it so much that they played a second one that evening. “They thought it was fantastic,” Lee said.

The goal of the game is to kick a soccer ball into a hole with the least number of kicks — or strokes — possible. There are 18 footgolf holes on a regulation golf course at the Lewis and Clark Golf and RV Park.

The main differences between footgolf and golf are that footgolf’s holes are 21 inches in diameter, the distances to the holes are shorter, and there is no equipment that is needed to be carried around besides the ball.

Footgolf is a game for people of all skill levels “because it doesn’t require any training,” Lee said. “Anyone can kick a ball.”

There are two different sets of tees at the Lewis and Clark course. One set is for people comfortable with a soccer ball. Those who are not regular soccer players can kick from tees closer to the holes.

Lee said a good soccer player can get through the course in about an hour, whereas a group of people who have not played much soccer will take around two hours.

Footgolf teaches accuracy and control of a soccer ball, Lee said. “I think it’ll appeal to the people who play soccer.”

It takes less time to play compared to golf so the games will not overlap that much, which makes the sports compatible, Lee said.

Each game costs $15 for adults and $12 for youth 12 and younger. Players can play in pairs, in threes or in fours.

Soccer balls are available for rent for $3, but players can play with their own ball.

Lee had extra room on his golf course and wanted to provide another venue of something to do for his RV guests and for the community. He saw footgolf in a golf magazine, and it sparked his interest to try the new sport.

“I think it’ll make a good fit,” he said.


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