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Pine Street waterfront area eyed for zoning changes to increase flexibility

Published on March 1, 2018 12:01AM

Last changed on March 2, 2018 5:45AM

The city of Roseburg is embarking on a year-long project to change zoning for a waterfront area along a Southeast Pine Street alleyway that would provide flexibility for developers and homeowners.

A klck-off meeting Thursday at the Roseburg Public Safety Center's Umpqua Room showed off some possible visions of what a developer willing to spend the money could achieve, with aesthetically pleasing fencing, plantings and other touches that would improve the neighborhood.

That type of development was not inexpensive, but it would be an aesthetic improvement, Urbsworks consultant Marcy McInelly said.

Ideally, the hope is that developers and land owners will be able to take advantage of more flexible zoning in order to build an attractive neighborhood or commercial area along the waterfront, which borders downtown.

"The purpose of this project is to remove regulations that are standing in the way of a vision being formed," McInelly said.

Several people attended the meeting including residents who gave input on what they would like to see including historic preservation, and a walkway along the river.

Community Development Director Stuart Cowie said the city will have a change to its zoning ordinance that will provide flexibility that people cannot expect currently.

The city is using a $88,470 state transportation grant for the project.

Urbsworks LLC will be tasked with writing new land use and transportation design regulations to create “human-scaled” transportation connections between downtown and the city’s parks system for use by pedestrians, cyclists and other “multi-modal” transportation.

The waterfront area that will receive the zoning change is located between the South Umpqua River, Southeast Pine Street, Deer Creek, and Southeast Douglas Avenue.


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