BELLINGHAM — Bornstein Seafood recently announced the addition of a new position of vice president of sales and marketing. The company has hired Bob O’Bryant for the position, effective March 1. O’Bryant has been in the seafood business for several decades, including Ocean Beauty Seafood in Seattle, Pacific Seafood in Clackamas and recently with J&B Sales in Tacoma.

“We felt it was time to add a VP of Sales in particular to support our increased and expanding business, domestic and international”, according to Colin Bornstein, CEO. “In addition, we felt it necessary to add a marketing focus to continue to build our brands and develop products to support our growth. Bob brings the experience we were looking for to fill both of these needs as we grow to meet the marketplace demands for the future.”

Bornstein Seafood, founded in 1934 by Myer A. Bornstein, is a third-generation family owned company offering West Coast seafood products, including ground fish, crab, shrimp, salmon, whiting, sardines, smoked seafood and value added products. It has deep roots in the history of the Columbia River estuary.