If one forgot their rain gear for Stormy Weather, there was plenty to choose from during the 28th annual art festival’s “Dancing in the Rain” fashion show at Coaster Theatre.

The inaugural event featured models showing off boots, hats, coats, umbrellas and more from Cannon Beach shops on Saturday, Nov. 10.

Kathy Kleczek, who designs much of what she has in La Luna Loca, said she appreciated the chance to showcase different forms of art this year. The typical Stormy Weather Arts Festival attendee is used to paintings and sculptures.

“I thought it was just wonderful,” said Susan Scott, 66, of Portland. “There were some beautiful clothes on display and a few gift ideas that developed.”

“I’m going to try and not go overboard,” she added with a chuckle.

Scott’s granddaughter, Lindsay Harris, 14, was a fan of the painted umbrellas, also new this year.

Nancy Norman, who shows her art at DragonFire Gallery, painted one with clouds dumping rain, fish and cats titled, “It’s Raining Cats,” inspired by her love for felines.

She made one for herself first and tested it in the rain, noting it took several coats of paint.

“I’ve never painted on an umbrella before,” she said. She usually paints on canvas and has worked with furniture, but the umbrella presented its own challenges. It had “a lot more give than canvas” and had to be balanced on an easel.

But Norman added it was fun and that she was happy to do it. The five umbrellas were painted by gallery artists like her and the Seaside High School art class.

Throughout the weekend, local galleries showed those umbrellas, along with other art mediums, and presented artist demonstrations. On Friday, Art in Action spotlighted artists and offered original pieces for sale. The shops featured in the fashion show also welcomed Stormy Weather attendees.

“Dancing in the Rain” filled the 200-seat theater for its first showing.

“I was very impressed with attendance,” Kleczek said. “I thought it was a great showing of what could be considered a Cannon Beach early showing.”

There weren’t just visual aesthetics to partake in, either. Blues musician Lloyd Jones performed with The Atlas Horns at Coaster Theatre on Saturday night.

Appropriate considering the festival’s name, a dark, rainy and windy weekend did not stop the Stormy Weather Arts Festival from once again drawing a large crowd to the small coastal town.

Kleczek said rain doesn’t stop Pacific Northwest residents from getting out and enjoying a weekend.

‘I’ve never painted on an umbrella before.’

Nancy Norman, artist

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