A seed swap and demonstrations will be part of “Give Seeds a Chance: Second Annual Seed Exchange.”

The exchange is a free event from noon to 3 p.m. Feb. 7 at the White Clover Grange, 36585 Oregon Highway 53 about two miles from U.S. Highway 101.

Those visiting the exchange can swap herb, vegetable, flower and native plant seeds and information with other gardeners.

A presentation at 1 p.m. will demonstrate how to clean seeds. Screens for cleaning seeds will be available for use during the exchange.

At 1:30 p.m., Joel Caris of Food Roots will host a discussion about the role local gardeners have to play in the community’s resilience and security.

Participants should bring seeds they have collected or extra commercially packaged seeds they no longer want. They should place their collected seeds in small envelopes or zip-sealed baggies and mark the seed packets with as much information as they have: plant, variety, area grown, production qualities, etc. Small brown “coin” envelopes can be purchased at Salt & Paper in Manzanita, or a standard mailing envelope can be used by sealing it and cutting it in half (fold the top over and seal after filling.)

Some empty coin size envelopes also will be available at the event.

New gardeners and those without seeds to share are welcome to take seeds for getting started with the request to pay it forward and share some of their bounty with someone else. All seeds are free.

Seeds that are several years old should be tested for viability. Test a sample (10 or so) and place them between two moist paper towels in a warm place to see if they germinate. If half or more of the seeds sprout, they are still good.

Give Seeds a Chance: Second Annual Seed Exchange is sponsored by the White Clover Grange and Fulcrum Community Resources.

For more information about the event call 368-6874.