Time capsule proves elusive in Cannon Beach

The Tolovana Arts Colony debuted 50 years ago. It is believed that a copy of this 1968 edition of the Seaside Signal will be included when a time capsule is unveiled.

This fall, the city hopes to unearth a time capsule they believe was buried 50 years ago near the Tolovana Arts Colony.

But what will they find?

“We’re not sure what to expect,” Public Works Director Karen La Bonte said. “But we’re willing to take a chance.”

This summer, the city received a call from a citizen who said 50 years ago he was a part of a gentleman’s club that buried a time capsule. After some digging, an article marking the moment on Nov. 7, 1968, was found in the Seaside Signal.

The time capsule was in commemoration of the dedication of the Tolovana Community Hall, and should contain a copy of the Seaside Signal, a page from McCall’s magazine about food and fashion, as well as photos of a Boeing 737, the latest women’s hair-dos and a view of Tolovana State Park.

Questions remain, however, about the existence of the time capsule and whether or not it remains without deterioration today. So far, the city has yet to find anyone else in the community who remembers the burial, and has not been able to identify or locate the original caller.

Either way, it’s a risk the city is willing to take, City Manager Bruce St. Denis said. The city is now looking for donations from residents for a new capsule to buried in the same location until Oct. 15. Any item that represents Cannon Beach in 2018 is welcomed — the size of the vessel will be decided based on the amount of items, La Bonte said.

A date has yet to be set for the unveiling.