A new Starbucks coffee shop is coming to town.

The business is slated for a site along U.S. Highway 101 in Seaside, which could result in minor changes to infrastructure, traffic patterns and the aesthetics in the area.

Plans for the project — an approximately 1,950-square-foot, single-story building with a drive-thru — are in the works. The building permit application is under review by the city, according to Dustin Johnson, an associate architect with CIDA, the Portland-based firm designing the building for developer Bret Fox.

The defunct NAPA Auto Parts building sitting on the site at 420 S. Roosevelt Dr. was demolished this month.

The plan is to begin construction on the new Starbucks building in May or early June, with doors opening by the end of October or beginning of November, Johnson said.

The coffee shop is being established using a “build-to-suit” arrangement, which is typical for many commercial and retail businesses, said Fox, owner of Fox Terra Commercial Real Estate and Development of Medford.

Planning Commission review

For all proposed developments within 200 feet of Highway 101 that will cause a significant number of new vehicle trips, the Planning Commission does a site review to ensure the developments address certain standards and criteria regarding building size, landscaping, exterior lighting and off-street parking. At its meeting in December, the commission discussed the project team’s land-use application for a permit to build the new Starbucks in the highway overlay zone.

City Planning Director Kevin Cupples presented a staff report reviewing the request, decision criteria and proposed conditions for approval. During a public hearing on the matter, Seth King, a land-use attorney from Portland, offered testimony in favor of the request, according to minutes from the meeting.

A traffic impact analysis prepared by Kittleson & Associates, who consulted with the Oregon Department of Transportation and the city, reported the site will generate an estimated 166 new weekday vehicle trips. The traffic engineers considered background conditions in conjunction with the new traffic likely to be generated and found “all the intersections would operate acceptably under existing and future conditions.”. The drive-through lane will have a southbound exit onto the highway. A full access also will be provided onto Irvine Place, the street running behind Pizza Hut.

The project team has since submitted plans and received approval from ODOT to restripe a portion of the highway to extend and improve the left turn or stacking area for both Avenue C and Avenue D. This will limit queueing on the highway when the shop is operational. Restriping will take place during construction of the building.

In December, the commissioners voted to conditionally approve the new Starbucks coffee shop and drive-thru.