Smith in Gearhart

Kerry Smith addresses the audience at a candidate forum in Seaside.

City Councilor Kerry Smith won re-election on Tuesday night to Position 1, defeating challenger Jack Zimmerman.

“I would like to thank the voters of Gearhart for giving me the opportunity to represent them again,” Smith said after winning 69.4 percent of the vote to Zimmerman’s 29.3 percent. “I appreciate their faith in my work and what I have accomplished in the last four years. … As we move forward, I renew my commitment to listening to my constituents and directing Gearhart in a positive direction.”

Smith is an independent contractor and has lived in Gearhart for 33 years. He started his own business 26 years ago and primarily has done home remodels in Gearhart and Seaside. He has served as a city councilor since 2014.

Smith has called a new fire station the city’s most important concern. The existing fire station, built in 1958 and liable to collapse and flood during a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake and tsunami, is the topic of years of conversation.

City Councilor Paulina Cockrum, who was unopposed, won re-election to Position 3.

Cockrum, a Gearhart resident since 1976, served on the Planning Commission before her appointment to the council in 2015. Her goal is to “practice stewardship and work to make Gearhart a better place when I leave than when I started.”

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