Birds, trees, Broadway and remembering a friend

A small gaggle of geese flew over my house recently. They were heading south but isn’t it a little early? Maybe they live here.

I have three small windows in my front door. Once as I was turning on the porch light for bedtime, I looked out one of those windows. It was 1 a.m. A little bird landed on the window frame and looked in. I was so surprised to see him. After a second or two, he took one lap around my porch and then flew off. What would a little bird – a wren or a sparrow – be doing, out flying that late?

I never could understand the fascination for monkey trees, but their increasing numbers around town seem to refute my particular point of view. I can remember a time when the presence of one or two was a grand excitement. Another thing that puzzles me about trees was the business of bare limbs above a lot of the flowering cherry trees. I wondered why there were no leaves when the blossoms were full below. I’ve never been much of a horticulturist.

On radio and in advertising, I keep seeing and hearing “Broadway Street.” Why don’t you all cut it out? There’s no such thing! It’s Broadway. Broadway. Broadway! Besides, streets run north and south in Seaside. Maybe someday.

One bright day in our town, anchovies crowded into the Necanicum again. I don’t know from whence they came or where they entered the river, but the lack of oxygen killed thousands, and they piled up on the riverbanks as they did in the 1960s. By the time you read this, they will have been stinking up Seaside for a few days. It’s one of the inevitabilities of life. PU. Actually, the fish didn’t smell too bad for too long as before – only at certain directions of the wind or when one was close to the river. Before, fish were in the northern part of the river and they stank for three weeks – all over town. It was most unpleasant.

When I was still driving, I went regularly to visit at the former extended care facility in the hospital, Suzanne Elise and occasionally, Necanicum Village. Now I have to count on friends to take me. One Saturday, I went again to Suzanne Elise and stayed for supper. It was quite a nice experience, though I was glad to be able to go home.

Sunday afternoon, I attended the memorial service for Ron Wright of Gearhart at Hughes-Ransom Chapel. Ron died on July 31 in Portland. He had many friends and fishing buddies in attendance. A life bio was given by Dennis Brodigan, a friend of several years’ standing. Two soldiers of the U.S. Army gave the flag presentation and taps was played. It was a nice service. Afterward, we had a reception at the American Legion Post 99 where his friends and acquaintances enjoyed the time to reminisce and say nice things about their associations with Ron, who was well loved.

When we were finished at the legion, it was off to BROADWAY for a little bit of people watching. There were all sorts – many Native Americans in their beautiful costumes. Lots of babies, young kids and families buying ice cream cones. The Tucker Bear was full of customers in line the whole two hours we were parked. I’ll bet they had a profitable day, perhaps the best of the year. It was after volleyball had packed up for this tournament. Lots of pets came along to enjoy the festive time. Cutest of these was a tiny, 11-year-old Pomeranian named Lucky. She had no teeth but presented the most endearing smile.

Mack: Why do you say ‘amen’ in church instead of ‘awomen’?

Jack: Because you sing hymns, not hers.

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