Who owns the dunes along the prom in Seaside? Two to three years ago I noticed a homeowner using a weed-whacker to cut down the dune grasses in front of his home along the prom in order to improve his view of the ocean horizon. While his view from his house may have briefly improved, the rest of us were left with the eyesore of hacked up plants and the ensuing weeds that took over.

I went to city officials to ask if homeowners along the prom have the right to do this, and was told someone would go talk to the person. Within the next couple of years, I counted two to three other homeowners adopting the practice of cutting the dune plants, increasing weed patches and eyesores.

Earlier this year I wrote to the mayor and city council members about this issue, only one of whom responded with a lack luster “I’ll-look-into-it.”

Today I went for my usual walk along the dunes and found to my horror that another household has taken it upon themselves to cut down the dune plants, this time right along a path I frequently walk.

A few questions I would like answered are: Who owns the dunes? Do homeowners along the prom have the right to alter what others and myself understand to be public land? If we allow this to continue, what is next? Will we start to see fences, private fire pits and private benches placed in these public areas?

I’ve heard tourists comment on the unsightliness of the cut areas; as a homeowner who walks that area many times a week, I find it appalling that a few people are being allowed to decimate what once was a beautiful public view. City ordinances and zoning laws clearly indicate the city has authority over the fore-dune area; please exercise that authority and put an end to this short-sighted, selfish practice, now.

Mary Borg


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