I am writing in support of Dirk Rohne, who is a candidate for commissioner for the Port of Astoria. Dirk is a dairy farmer in Brownsmead, who has been involved in various boards and commissions.

He ran as an anti-LNG candidate for the Clatsop County Commission in 2008, and served until retiring in 2016. In addition, he served for six years as a director on the Clatsop County Community College Board. I got to know Dirk when we both served on the Clatsop Economic Development Resources (CEDR) board, and was impressed by his knowledge and commitment to the needs of our county.

The Port of Astoria needs more board members like Dirk, who understand commissioners have to know how to work together as a cohesive and respectful group to accomplish their goals. Please vote for Dirk Rohne for commissioner for the Port of Astoria. He will bring much needed maturity and common sense to the Port.

Dianne Widdop