Roberts resigns as Seaside coach

Jeff Roberts took the Gulls to the state playoffs in 2013.

Seaside High School is searching for a new varsity football coach, following the resignation of Jeff Roberts in early March.

Roberts was recently named as the new principal at the high school, a job he will begin in July.

Roberts stated in a press release, “After weeks of personal debate, I have arrived at the conclusion that it is a near impossibility to invest the appropriate level of attention into each role that they both deserve.”

Roberts took over as the Seaside coach in 2012, the Gulls’ fourth coach in five years.

He led Seaside to a 5-4 record his first year, then took the Gulls all the way to the state playoffs in 2013, when Seaside finished 8-3 overall.

The Gulls slipped to 5-4 and lost a Play-in game in 2014, then struggled to a 1-4 league finish last year.

Roberts’ four-year record was 21 wins, 16 losses (9-11 in league play).

“Four years ago, my staff and I embarked upon a mission to change the culture of the football program at Seaside High School,” Roberts stated. “In turn, we helped to excite a community. Our goal was to instill values in young men and women that would assist them in the development of becoming great people who would continue to make a positive impact in their community. Along the way we won some football games, too.

“The amount of support our program, from third through 12th grades, has received from this community has been and continues to be overwhelming. The full stands at our home and away games, the investment of hours upon hours from our youth coaches, the high school players working their tails off both during the season and in the off-season, the parents who have supported us with team dinners and getting their kids to and from practice, and the local businesses and families who have financially supported our efforts to make sure our kids are in the best equipment has been nothing short of amazing.”

Roberts will have a hand in hiring the next football coach.

“I can assure you that regardless of what the X’s and O’s look like in coming years, the value system for our program will not be compromised,” he said. “I am committed to finding the best possible successor who will continue to make Seaside football a positive and memorable experience for every person that is associated with it.”

Roberts thanked family members, Seaside staff, coaches, players and the community for his opportunity to coach the Gulls.