Clatsop County on Monday reported 21 new coronavirus cases.

The cases include two women and a man in their 20s, two women in their 40s and three men in their 50s living in the northern part of the county. The others live in the southern part of the county and include a male and a female between 10 and 19, four women in their 20s, two women in their 30s, four women in their 50s and one man in his 60s.

Clatsop County Public Health Department

Clatsop County is tracking 383 local coronavirus cases.

All 21 were reportedly recovering at home.

The county has recorded 383 cases since March. According to the county, 302 have recovered, five have been hospitalized and one has died. The rest were recovering at home.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 75,431 cases and 912 deaths from the virus statewide as of Monday morning.

“COVID-19 is spreading faster in all parts of Oregon. It took six months before 25,000 Oregonians became sick with COVID-19 and two months more until we reached 50,000 total COVID-19 infections in Oregon,” Patrick Allen, the health authority’s director, said in a statement. “Most recently, it took three weeks to go from 50,000 cases to 75,000 and this weekend we crossed 900 total deaths.

“We can keep more people from getting sick and dying if we stay true to science-based mask-wearing and social distancing. With the bright promise of vaccines coming on the horizon, we can’t give up.”