A coronavirus outbreak at the Astoria Middle School construction site has been tied to six virus cases.

The Oregon Health Authority disclosed the outbreak at Skanska USA Construction Inc., the Astoria School District’s contractor, on Wednesday in a weekly coronavirus report.

Astoria Middle School

A workplace virus outbreak occurred at the Astoria Middle School construction site.

Superintendent Craig Hoppes said the virus cases include workers and contacts, and that no staffers at the school came into contact with the workers who tested positive.

He said workers affected were outside in the open air and did not come into the building at any time. Once Skanska found out about the cases, Hoppes said, they removed the workers from the construction site and they were quarantined.

Hoppes said Skanska has also implemented additional health and safety measures, including training on Skanska, state and federal guidance for infectious disease precautions, implementation of an infectious disease program, providing additional hand sanitizer and wash stations, requiring and enforcing social distancing and face coverings and enforcing a zero tolerance for working sick policy.

Other measures include increased cleaning and sanitation, reinforcing remote working and shift rotations where possible, screening job sites and taking extra precautions when social distancing is not possible, he said.

According to Hoppes, the virus cases occurred over four weeks ago.

Clatsop County declined to provide more information about the virus cases.

The Astorian had contacted Hoppes and Skanska about potential virus cases in September after receiving tips from people who believed there were positive cases tied to the contractor. The people, who asked to remain anonymous, wanted more information and were concerned about the potential spread of the virus.

Both Hoppes and Skanska declined to confirm the virus cases at the time.

Since late May, the Oregon Health Authority has disclosed workplace outbreaks when five or more virus cases are tied to workplaces with at least 30 employees.

Michael McNickle, the county’s public health director, has taken different approaches to reporting workplace virus cases since the pandemic began. But he recently told The Astorian he would try to follow the health authority’s standard on disclosure.

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