SEASIDE — Two more construction workers at the new Seaside School District campus have tested positive for the coronavirus.

A worker at the site tested positive for the virus earlier in July, causing construction delays.

Seaside school campus

Work continues on the new middle and high school campus.

One worker is still in quarantine and two have been cleared to return to work. Clatsop County said one of the cases is reflected in the county’s local case count.

“The three cases among our workers appear to be unrelated to their work on-site,” Dan Drinkward, the vice president of Hoffman Construction, said.

“Our policy is to quarantine anyone who has close contact with a confirmed positive person for 14 days from the time of contact even if they get a negative test result or have no symptoms,” he said.

The positive cases come as the $99.7 million voter-approved school campus in the Southeast Hills nears completion.

The project will bring a new high school and middle school campus and extensive renovations to The Heights Elementary School, renamed Pacific Ridge.

Construction on some roofing work paused at the elementary school, but the company has developed a plan to finish the project on schedule, Drinkward said.

He said the school district’s movers will be able to complete their work on schedule.

Hoffman Construction is continuing to monitor the absences of employees. The company is requiring anyone with COVID-19 symptoms to be tested before being on the construction site.

“There have been no new cases over the last week and work at the site is proceeding with strict adherence to appropriate COVID-19 safety protocols,” Drinkward said. “We are continuing to monitor the situation carefully and will modify our approach to the project if needed to ensure we are operating safely.”

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