SEASIDE — A worker on the new Seaside School District campus tested positive for the coronavirus, the school district reported Tuesday, potentially causing delays in construction.

The individual had contact with 11 other workers who are now on 14-day quarantine, according to Sheila Roley, the construction liaison for the project.

Pacific Ridge

A drone shot of the new Pacific Ridge Elementary School.

The worker who tested positive does not live in Clatsop County.

Project manager Jim Henry said the construction crew lost a day of work Tuesday because of a worker shortage. “Unfortunately, the folks that are in quarantine are working on critical, time-scheduled components of the project. Their work is kind of preceding other work behind it,” he said.

Roley said at Tuesday’s citizen oversight committee on school construction that the positive case could delay the elementary school component that was set to be completed by the end of August.

Henry said work continues at the elementary school and middle and high school sites with social distancing measures in place.

Middle and high school

Construction continues on the new middle and high school in Seaside.

“They’ve been following the state guidelines and they are requiring masks anywhere within the fence on-site,” he said. “Everybody, regardless if you’re 6 feet or 600 feet away from each other. The site is entirely masked, inside and out.”

Completion of the high school and middle school interior is expected by the end of July. The first day of school is Sept. 14.

“This throws some uncertainty there,” Roley said. “We’re in a wait and see. Is this the only incident we’ll see or is there some indication that there is some community transmission? We’re in the same boat as everyone else in the country, living in uncertain times.”

The project, funded by a voter-approved $99.7 million bond in 2016, brings a high school, middle school and renovation of the former Heights elementary school to a location in the Southeast Hills outside of the tsunami inundation zone.

Hoffman Construction, the company building the campus, is continuing to monitor the absences of employees. The company will require anyone with COVID-19 symptoms to be tested before being on the construction site, Roley said.

“It’s going to be a day-to-day operation to really know exactly where we are now,” Roley added.

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Spencer Watkins

This Covid-19 fraud will bankrupt the nation. One case (which are notoriously false 50-70% of the time) will bankrupt this school district and the next thing will be the state will demand taxpayers pay (aka bailout) the public screwel system.

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