The city of Astoria is very obliging about its budget. Finance Director John Snyder mails a copy of the budget to The Daily Astorian each year without being asked.

Copies are also placed at the Astor Library and a copy is available for review at the Finance Office on the first floor of City Hall. A copy can be purchased for about $8.

The city of Astoria also was cooperative when asked by a reporter to provide information about the city manager's most recent expenditures.

Administrative assistant Julie Lampi immediately made a copy of a computer print-out of the expenditures of the city manager's office from July 1, 2004, to Dec. 31, 2004. She had to call the finance office for a list of expenditures from Jan. 1, 2005 to the date of our visit. She offered to hand-carry it to our office, but we agreed the U.S. mail would work fine. It arrived the next day.

Although the city of Astoria staff were glad to provide information, it does not have an expense form for the city manager. His department's expenditures for office supplies and computer consultations, for example, are mixed in with reimbursement for his travel expenses to meetings.

The city of Warrenton does have an expense reimbursement form for its city manager, Finance Director Laurie Sawrey said. But for most expenses, such as for costs associated with membership in the League of Oregon Cities, the finance department just "cuts a check," when the bills come in, she said. It would be "no problem," Sawrey said, to print out the last 30 days' expenses for the city manager's office.

Seaside City Manager Mark Winstanley said his only expenses are travel reports, which are open to the public.

Cannon Beach City Manager Peggy Coats said she has no expense reports except for mileage reimbursements. She said any city employee's expense report is presumably public record, although those are almost always mileage reimbursements for attending a conference or other meeting.

Gearhart City Treasurer Gail Como said City Manager Dennis McNally does not submit any expense reports or mileage.