I, Solfrid Price, want to thank the Norwegian Immigrant Committee for asking me to be the Norwegian Honored Immigrant for the 2005 Scandinavian Midsummer Festival.

I was born in Hamar, Norway, just before the war, and grew up in Norway.

My father, Peder Myhre, was an educator, and we lived in several places in Norway and later in Ethiopia. He came to California to study more after the war, and the rest of the family trickled over. Dad went back to Ethiopia later and died there in 1958.

I live in Seaside with my husband, Ray, now retired from the Navy.

I have two sons: David lives in Seaside with his wife, Jana, and my only and favorite granddaughter, Maya; Kristoffer, a bachelor, lives in Portland.

My family and I have had the privilege to have lived in the eastern United States, California, Hawaii, Japan and eventually we all ended up here in Oregon, where my boys have lived for many years.

My hobbies are Norwegian rosemaling, photography, traveling and hiking and enjoying the beautiful nature here, like Norway.

Since 1981, I have visited Norway regularly, and the last 15 years at least once a year.

Every other year, I take a rosemaling workshop through Vesterheim, the Norwegian-American museum in Decorah, Iowa. This year, I will also take knifemaking. I will be leaving on this year's tour in a few days. They offer carving, knifemaking, weaving and Norwegian food besides rosemaling.

This year, the workshop is held in Fagernes, Norway. It is a great opportunity to see special and different places in Norway, learn more of the arts and crafts, and the people.

Norway is celebrating 100 years of independence this year, and I will stay longer to visit relatives and friends and to celebrate.

I did not dream of coming to America when young, but it has been great to see and learn, and experience living in America.


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